Aston Sharp was founded in 2012 as a traditional insurance agency with the primary goals to serve and educate clients with their insurance planning needs. We’ll earn your trust before we earn your business.

Aston Sharp is an independent insurance agency. We aren’t tied to any one particular insurance company and will offer you the best option available, every time.

In late 2012 Aston Sharp started working the underserved business market, offering assistance to companies with the changes brought on by the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and new technology that has since swept the industry. Aston Sharp works as a business consulting team to help consolidate benefits, HR, payroll, work comp, and ACA compliance under one roof.

Many of the technology companies today lack the service and insurance “know how” to adequately meet their client’s needs. All too often relying on their technology to automatically fix these problems.

Aston Sharp seeks to find the balance of services offered by a technology company and services offered by a traditional insurance broker, providing a seamless experience for the client with top-of-the-line service.

Our mission

To deliver a seamless solution to each one of our clients with the best products and services in the market. Making your life easier and giving you the confidence and peace of mind to be your best.

How we work

It’s not a one size fits all solution. We will work with you to understand your current situation, what’s working and what’s not. We will take a minute to get to know your company and understand your needs. We will ask you the tough questions you may not have asked yourself to develop a unique plan for you.


Get started

The next step is to request a quote and set up a quick call so we could learn more about your employee benefits challenges and goals and explain how we can help you accomplish them.

I cannot say enough about Gus and Michelle. They are always there to help, answer questions. Our company is located outside of Chicago. And when we needed them to come in and do a presentation for renewal, they were here to make sure that it was informative to the employees and process was seamless. Just a great group of people to be working with!

Melanie R.