HR Technology

We have one main tech platform that we provide to you at no cost. It's called Ease Central and you can watch a quick video here. We white label this product to you and manage the system at no cost to you.

Also, Ease Central integrates with four different payroll systems (Trax, Palocity, ADP, and Total Workforce Management. This is so that benefits and HR information seamlessly transfer between the payroll provider and the HR system.

better support

Other benefits technology companies don’t have much experience as an actual “broker”. With other clients we’ve switched over to our services we’ve seen their previous frustrations with not getting good support from well-versed professionals. The employees working at these benefits technology companies don’t have the experience or sophistication to address more complex issues and rely too much on their technology to automatically fix these problems.

Get started

The next step is to request a quote and set up a quick call so we could learn more about your employee benefits challenges and goals and explain how we can help you accomplish them.

I cannot say enough about Gus and Michelle. They are always there to help, answer questions. Our company is located outside of Chicago. And when we needed them to come in and do a presentation for renewal, they were here to make sure that it was informative to the employees and process was seamless. Just a great group of people to be working with!

Melanie R.