Employee Benefits

Aston Sharp can help you attract and reward your most valuable employees. As a responsible employer, your employees look up to you to provide them with their well-being in the worst of times. We offer employee benefit plans that include life, disability, long-term care, health, dental, and vision plans.

We will work with you to understand which group plan is best fit for your company at the time. We will help educate you on what’s important and what your employees will value most.

The process

Getting a quote and implementing a plan has never been easier.

  • Get a quote

    Once you know which services you would like to provide, getting a quote is as easy as sending over a company roster. We will need information as to the age, sex, and zip code of your employees to generate a unique company quote.

  • Easy application

    Applications for group coverage are easy. In multi-life cases, there is no underwriting and applications are guaranteed issue. During this process we will help you educate your employees on the new benefit packages and the choices they have to choose from.

  • In force

    Once your benefits are in place, we will ensure we keep your employees educated with the coverage they have and how to use it if necessary. We will handle the addition and subtraction of employees from your roster to ensure the process is smooth and easy for everyone. We will keep in contact with you to keep up with your ever changing business needs.

Get started

The next step is to request a quote and set up a quick call so we could learn more about your employee benefits challenges and goals and explain how we can help you accomplish them.

I really like the professionalism and knowledge of benefits from a national perspective that Aston Sharp brings to the table. It is also really nice for them to help through the carrier connections and third party administrator setups. When it comes to open enrollment, they update all of my plans on EaseCentral and all I have to do is make sure my payroll deductions come across after my employees choose their benefits for the year. No complex setup for me, they take care of it all. 

Engineering Company
60+ Employees